Thank You Miss Muse

I’m writing again! Bits and pieces but still making forward progress! This is majorly thrilling!Not to mention the flash of inspiration I had in the shower yesterday for a scene that was giving me some grief. 🙂

I think the muse is just about ready to get back to work. Know how I can tell? I started reading again. It’s been impossible to catch my attention for months but last night I started a book and am now 50 pgs in. I think I’m back in business!

3 responses to “Thank You Miss Muse

  1. Hurraay! The timing is about right. About 6 weeks right? Maybe a little longer. You do get back into things. Those twilight nursings are actually really good for thinking up story ideas, your brain is still half asleep and dreaming.
    Glad to hear that you’re back at it. 🙂

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