So far, four of my favorite television shows have had their season finales, while one has had its series finale. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been left in awe and I’ve shouted terrible things at my television set. Obviously, I am far too invested in these characters and their lives, but it’s obviously a sign of good writing. Now, I’m forced to imagine a summer without awesome television entertainment to distract me. 😦 How will I survive?

I’ll have to take up another hobby. I do have those few books on my list that I’d like to read so maybe I should renew my library card and do some summer reading, old school style. I used to spend my entire summers in high school in the library taking out book after book. I could go through about 4-6 books in a summer. But if I’m honest, I miss my book budget. I’d prefer the smell of brand new book whose spine I can break (yup, I’m a spine breaker, can’t help it), than a book that’s been touched by many hands. I’m just posessive like that.

3 responses to “Mourning

  1. Sorry about all the seaons finales. I tell you, I haven’t watched a single episode of anything on TV since Battlestar Galactica ended. *sob* I can hardly wait until The Plan comes out.

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