And We're Patched

Wow. Although the little Peanut keeps me busy and generally off the computer, I can usually sneak away and check my email for a second when Daddy gets home. You can imagine my frustration when last Tuesday I noticed the cable modem acting up. It’ll pass, I told myself. Maybe it’s a glitch. Hmm… yea, it didn’t pass. Today is the first day in a week that I’ve had internet access- and it’s about time! I swear, the withdrawal is NOT pretty.

I was watching TV on DVD on Netflix. That was gone. I could speak to friends on IMs. That was gone too. I couldn’t even keep up with my Author pals on Twitter- b/c I never set up my phone to my account. So my internet world was gone. FOR GOOD. and I had NO clue how to deal. How is it possible there was a time without internet? Ha ha. On the plus side, I got a little writing done, but I didn’t email it to myself and then I panicked about losing it and my system crashing and all that stuff (although there was no hint that those things would happen, I’m just paranoid).

So now I’m back, THANK GOODNESS and I have a lot to catch up on. Including BLOGS! So, expect me to make the rounds soon.

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