Field Trips

So it’s Friday and it’s rainy which means my planned trip to the zoo is off. I don’t want to take Peanut out in cold, dreary weather. It wouldn’t be worth it for him to catch cold. We managed to go to the museum the day before yesterday which was really fun. He slept through most of it, but I oohed and aahed and lamented my forgetfulness. My camera was nowhere to be found which is too bad cause I think pictures of us and the giant polar bear and the T-Rex head would have been fun. Maybe next time.

That particular field trip got me itching to go to The Museum of Natural History in NYC. I’ve never been, believe it or not, despite being only an hour or so away. This year is the year. I plan to go and eat it all up. Take a bizillion pictures. Hit up the planetarium. And then top it off with a nice dinner in the city. I like this idea.

I will ruminate on it over Special K cereal and then go back to sleep since Peanut seems to have fallen back asleep. HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!

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