Truth Be Told

I haven’t blogged much because I haven’t had much to say. My days pass in a blur of diaper changes, feedings, and nap times with house cleaning and brainstorming thrown in the middle there somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just don’t want to bore you all with the everyday happenings.Most of it is pretty mundane.

Granted, some exciting stuff has happened wtih my Peanut. He’s cooing, or chatting it up as I like to say. He speaks to me in long babbling sentences with the most adorable crooked grin on his face. I resume the conversation wherever he interrupted and he seems delighted to be talking to his mommy. It makes my day every time. He’s also figured out how to grab things so he takes everything and leads it toward his mouth. His burp cloth, his feet, my fingers. Ew. I’m definitely not looking forward to when he starts crawling. I’m going to be on my hands and knees daily scrubbing the floors to avoid ickiness.

The hubby has also been awesome and subscribed us to Netflix, one of the best rental programs in the whole wide world. Not only can we rent up to three movies at a time and keep them as long as it takes us to watch them, but I also have a slew of movies and tv on dvd available for streaming online- FOR FREE! *major squee* So I’ve been repleneshing the poor, starving muse with some delicious scifi in the form of Doctor Who.

Any fans? I only just got turned on to it by some good friends (Lisa, Cam, I owe you both big!) and MAN what a show. I basically gobbled up the first two seasons in a week and a half. Then wanted to immediately see the season four finale, (whilst skipping all of 3 and Martha Jones, pft). My mind is adrift with fantasy dreams of time travelers and romance. Maybe it was the spark I needed to get back to the writing board. Because a sentence a day just isn’t cutting it anymore. I need something a bit more. A bit of consistency to get my groove back. Maybe I’ll take a half hour each night before bed and focus on writing a scene. JUST ONE. And see where it takes me. I might get more done than I expect.

I’ve also got a few exciting things planned for the next few weeks. I have a girls night in party tomorrow night. Chocolates, pedicures, romantic comedies, and mimosas. I need some girly time to feel like a grown up again, not just a mommy. And although Peanut will be the only male crashing the party, I doubt he’ll mind. He tends to like to break hearts already. *shakes head* Here we go. What else? Oh, yes! Museum of Natural History field trip on Monday! SO Psyched. Hubby also said we can hit the Museum of Modern Art a few weeks later if I want. I just about cried with pure glee. I love MOMA. This month also marks hubby and I’s fifth year anniversary. Big stuff. Too bad I’m not working to get him an awesome gift. Maybe next year. Though I may have a trick or two up my sleeves yet.

So yea… that’s what I’ve been up to. How about you?

3 responses to “Truth Be Told

  1. In defense of Martha Jones, she’s a really awesome character—but I think they severely underused her. They shouldn’t have had her fall for the doctor at all—she’s too cool for that. It wasn’t very nice of them to do that to her when he obviously was still hung up on… you know what’s her face blondie. haha 😉

    Besides, as I told Cam, you need to go through Martha to get to Donna and Donna Noble is the. best. character. ever. Minus the Doctor himself, of course. 😉 She is sixteen kinds of awesome.

    Season three has some really FANTASTIC episodes, too. “Human Nature” on are all pretty fan-flipping-tastic. “Blink” is ridiculously amazing and the Doctor is barely in it.

    And then after that you have Donna Noble! I really cannot express the awesomeness.

    Always a delight to see your little man! I love his smiles, they’re just wonderful. I can totally believe the heartbreaker thing, oh man.

    Good to hear from you, love.

  2. Look at those big beautiful eyes! Oh, he is just so adorable. *lots of squishes and coos* 😀 Oh, wow, and a girly day sounds fantastic.

    Oh! And happy anniversary, you guys!

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