You Know You Love Me… XoXo

I make no qualms about the fact that I’m a corny fangirl. I’m not ashamed of it. In fact, I get giddy when I find other fangirls like myself who I can gab with about favorite books, or shows, or characters. But one show which I started watching for a reason other than great storyline, great characters, or a trustworthy rec is Gossip Girl.

My friends had talked about it a bit (around the time the Twilight movie was being cast and Chase Crawford‘s name was floating around the Twilight boards as the perfect Edward) but I had no real interest in watching it. Just wasn’t my cup of tea. Like with reading, I hardly have an interest in contemporary fiction. I don’t even really watch contemporary dramas on tv. I can do comedies… but that’s a whole different ballgame.

by isabellecs at LiveJournal

And then I started catching the photographs, or episode stills to be more precise. And my geeky fashion-loving little heart started to pound. I wanted- nay- needed to watch this show if only to satisfy my love for all things preppy and couture. And it has never disappointed.

There’s something for everyone. A little boho chic for the Serena lovers. Updated Jackie-O prep for us Blair lovers. And of course edgy rock in the form of Jenny Humphrey. How could you go wrong? I eventually came to love the characters (Blair + Chuck= onscreen magic!) but I still say that given the money I would be all over some of those fashion styles.

captured by mary1516 at LiveJournal

I was given the chance to test that theory. Ha ha. A dangerous situation, if you ask me. You see, my little sister had her prom tonight. And she generously asked me to help her choose her look for the evening. My sister is a really modern gal. She has a great body and is very bold. She can wear anything and tends to lean toward urban chic. I took her in the exact opposite direction. I made her my own little upper east sider with some Brooklyn flair, ala Little J. This was the final result:

Ignore the messy house, ok? I have a baby who makes me nutty and won’t let me put him down or he’ll cry. Ha ha. Anyway, doesn’t she look FAB!?? I was very proud of my finished product. She looked GORGEOUS. Elegant, edgy, and youthful. The theme of the party is masquerade. She didn’t actually wear the mask, but dude, I couldn’t help reenacting the GG eppy “Handmaiden’s Tale”, hence the mask. ha ha. So yea, that was my stint as fashion editor. It was fun.

In more everyday news, I’m proud to announce that I actually finished the first chapter of my high fantasy YA novel! I’m amazingly psyched about this novel, it’s a weird mix of fairytales with a Romeo and Juliet undertone. I think it’s going to be one of my favorites that I’ve ever written.

I also wrote about half a scene for my fantasy sequel Zerah… I really can’t wait for the first book to be released. I love these characters more than I could say. This was that book of the heart people talked about for me. I’ve had it in mind since my first year of college. And it went through many, many incarnations before it took on a life of its own and found its voice. So although my progress is slow… at least its progress. 🙂 I may even post a little snippet or a fave line soon, in order to get myself pumped. Look out for that!

Here’s a song I’ve been using in my writing quite a bit lately. Enjoy it. And Happy Friday!

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