So Exciting!

Look at what I have to show you:


If you look carefully at the shelf below mine, you’ll see Gena Showalter’s books and Nalini Singh’s!!! Imagine that! 🙂 I’m in fantastic company, wouldn’t you say? There is no feeling like seeing your book on a store shelf. It’s totally surreal. *squee*

Also, my awesome hubby bought us tickets to the Paramore/No Doubt concert yesterday. What a show!!! I tend to use a lot of Paramore music on my fantasy series. Their song Conspiracy was practically written for the series, it fits so perfectly. Check it out:

No Doubt was fantastic too. High energy, great performers, and she sounded amazing. I’ll admit I was jealous that she looks so good after having children, but you know what, it just means I gotta work harder to get myself in shape. Period. Bah. 😛

The concert did inspire me to get back to my fantasy sequel which has been on hold while the muse played with the YA fantasy. But that one is now at 6500 words, so that one is on a steady pace as well. I really like where it’s headed and the tone that it has. Very different from any of my other stories.

All in all, I’m thrilled about the happenings in my life. Only cloud: my Peanut has his first cold. Mommy took him to the docs and they told me to just keep an eye on his fever, but he seems to be getting better already. His nose is really runny but with lots of crying and fighting, I give him some saline drops and he feels much better. So stubborn. *shakes head* We got him a new bouncer/exercise machine thing from Baby Einsten and he loves it! He tries to talk to the the little plastic froggy which makes me laugh. Ha ha.

Little Sister graduates from high school today so I gotta go get ready. Congrats, sweetie! So proud of you.

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