Feeling All Writerly

While working on my fantasy sequel this week, I realized that having demi-god-like characters makes for difficult external conflict. They’re so powerful, so much of the issues I imagine up for them aren’t really issues at all. In the scheme of the world they live in, they’re on an important quest, and maybe it’s just me but that quest is far too easy to accomplish without some trouble along the way.

Which means it’s back to the old drawing board. *sigh* Gotta figure things out a bit better. I found such a good flow on this story, I think that’s why I didn’t notice the glaring plot hole. I was too in the moment.

My YA fantasy is another story entirely! That one is taking on a richness and life of its own which is so thrilling. I love the heroine so much. She just fascinates me. And her world is so specific. So much of who she is comes from her culture and her surroundings. If I had more time, I’m sure I’d be putting a major dent in that book- but for now, I’m glad its moving along when we spend a few mins together. Makes me happy to revisit it each and every time.

I also want to say THANK YOU to Miss Cora Zane for the snazzy Kreativ Blogger award she gave me. It made me feel really loved. I mean, we all know I haven’t been the best blogger since Peanut arrived. Mommyhood is a busy and time consuming career. But it’s nice to know i’m not forgotten. 🙂 So I’m showing it off.

It is now my turn to nominate 7 blogs who make the net a better place to be. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Cloudwoven– She loves books, coffee, black and white movies, baking, her (adorable) pets, and mix tapes. She and I are practically soulmates. She’s honest and interesting and I never get bored reading what she has to say next.

2. Diary of an Adult Runaway- I live vicariously through Gabrielle. Her Parisian adventures are so romantic and fantastic. I gobble up each picture she posts. Whether it be of the streets after a light dusting of snow, her trip to America, or even goodies that she finds online. I’ll admit, I’m terrible at responding to her posts, but Gabrielle, I read every one of them! 🙂 Keep the pictures coming!

3. Karen Erickson – She and I share similar obsessions. Like American Idol, for instance. 😉 Plus, she’s always got fun posts about her life and her family activities. I always feel good after reading her blog.

4. Literary Escapism– One of my new favorite hangouts. This place has it all. New interviews with authors. New releases. New book art! Have I ever mentioned what an elitist book cover whore I am? Cause, I am. And this place feeds my obsession. I love it.

5. Nights of Passion – Susan has some really great things to say about writing, about life, and about the moments in life that inspire your writing. Plus, she likes BONES! Anyone who is willing to drool over Seeley Booth with me makes my list of ultracool. 😉

6. Tie Me In a Knot and Throw Me Over Your Shoulder– Lisa is someone you all might want to keep an eye on. She’s a YA author striving toward publication and I can tell you that her stuff is fantastic with a captital A (for awesome, lol). She and I have known each other for years and her talent still never ceases to amaze me. Plus her taste in music is exquisite. So how can you not love her?

7. Sci-fi Guy– Simply put: feeds my scifi/fantasy needs. Reviews, giveaways, coming soon, and re-releases all in one comfy place. There is some fantastic info on there.

And that’s that. I’m not going to do the 7 things I like because Peanut is due to wake up any moment! Hope you’re all having a great hump day!


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