What a Day!

I’m exhausted- but man was today awesomely productive.

My family and I enjoyed a day trip to Mystic Aquarium. Peanut absolutely loved it! He kept reaching out to touch the glass of the indoor exhibits. His eyes grew so wide when he looked at the flourescent fish or when one of the sea lions splashed into the pool and swam by in a hurry. It was so great to see his little brain at work making connections and being in awe. I’ll admit, it’s been ages since I went to an aquarium, so I enjoyed myself just as much as he did. I took a billion photos and was won over by the cutest group of penguins ever.

Then, I enjoyed some delicious bacon pizza at the infamous Mystic Pizza. Yes, the one that the movie was based on. The one with Julia Roberts. 😉 Here’s a link if you’re curious. The pizza was surprisingly delicious and the atmosphere was light and casual. We had a great time.

And since the ride was a long one, I even got some writing done! In fact, I’ve been writing a scene here and there for the past few days, fleshing out the WIP and trying to get the pace going. It tends to slump. So today’s car ride provided the time (which I usually sorely lack) for me to write a really crucial scene. And honestly, I really like how it will round out the chapter. So thank you, Miss Cora Zane, for your awesome writing words of wisdom and support. I would not have been moved to even finish the story, were it not for you. *hugs*

So yea, I’m exhausted. Ha ha. I’m going to go feed my Peanut and hit the sack. Good night Blogland.

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