Reviews Galore

Surfacing has been reviewed!

It received 3 cups of coffee from Coffee Time Romance:

This is an interesting story of love lost and found again. […] The author does a good job of describing a woman torn between her soulmate and the man she promised to marry.

It received 4.5 books from Long and Short Romance Reviews:

The characters were well developed, making it easy to put yourself in their shoes. I especially loved the haunted feel of Paige’s character prior to Xen showing back up in her life. The author did a wonderful job describing the heroine’s thoughts and feelings, the words forming pictures as clear as day.

Star-crossed lovers, raw emotion, and a love that transcends times and space… Surfacing is a story about the love of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on what could be one of the best stories of your life.

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And finally, I got a great reader review:

Ms Santiago tells a story that makes you want to slit your wrist, jump of joy, and hold on to the ones you love all at the same time. […] This book picks at your emotions like a vulture picking at it’s scavenged prey.