Finally! The Big Reveal!

Remember back in January, I teased you all with about a secret project I was working on with good friend Lisa Asanuma? Well today is the day it is all revealed!

After months of planning and months of waiting (being busy with a newborn baby and all), Lisa and I are officially opening a joint blog, entitled Tales From The Hollow Tree.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this project. For years, Lisa and I have chatted and bonded over our love of Young Adult literature, specifically in the genre of fantasy. That love stretched to classic fairytales and myths.

Now, we can share that love with others. The YA market has become inundated with paranormal fiction since the Twilight phenomenon, and as a Twilight fan myself, I have to say I’m ready to find what’s next.

I’ve noticed some really amazing authors and stories hidden like gems among the shelves of the bookstore and I’m eager to hear what suggestions you readers have for us. But we’re not just tackling books (though that will be our main topic of conversation- we’re bookworms!) We’re also doing movie adaptations and even television shows that use fantasy, fairytales or myths as their basis- as well as using one day a week for a history/research lesson.

Pay attention! You never know where the inspiration for your next book will come from! 🙂

Our welcome post is now up on the blog so please stop by and visit us, will you?

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