I could not come up with an interesting title for today’s post. #brainfail

Can you tell I’ve been on Twitter too much lately? I really have. I find myself texting friends and family that way, as though I only have 140 characters. Makes me more efficient, but sometimes they text back majorly confused by my cut up sentences. Ha ha.

Speaking of Twitter, I’m sorry about that Twitter Digest. I must not have noticed I clicked on it, or I forgot to unclick it in my Twitter Tools update. You guys don’t need a digest! You have my Tweets displayed in the sidebar! 🙂 So let me fix that so we don’t have that problem again, ok? It looks pretty unsightly.

Oh, and before I forget, we have the first official post up at Tales From the Hollow Tree! Check it out. I have a movie review about Penelope starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. Anyone here seen it? Come comment!

Let me go get started on my endless list of things to do today. *sigh* Someone will have to dig me out of the huge pile of clean laundry sometime this evening. I may only fold half before I pass out. 😉

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