Monday Haunts

I’m talking about my favorite Cinderella adaptation on the big screen over at Tales From the Hollow Tree.

Other than that, I’ve been working on my fantasy sequel (check out the cover and blurb for book one in the post beneath this one!).

I think I may have finally figured out how to begin chapter 9. Something about it kept feeling so OFF to me. I thought it was the POV. It wasn’t. I thought it was the lack of action. It wasn’t. It was the intro. The transition from the last chapter to this one didn’t flow and it seemed to start abruptly without really setting the stage and letting the reader know what was happening. After filling about three notebook pages with new first paragraphs, I may have finally stumbled on something that works. I’m going to take about an hour and work it out.

In the  meantime, I’m busy folding clothes and taking care of Peanut who is suffering from some serious teething aches and pains. His top gums were a little bloody yesterday as his tooth was cutting right through and this morning he woke up in hysterical tears, poor baby. So I had to pull out the infant tylenol.

And that’s my Monday plan. 🙂 What are you all doing today?

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