Coming Up Next

There are a few things happening here at Twisted Fairytale. For starters, I’m getting a new weblayout soon. I hope it will make updates much easier. Right now, I have to buckle down and fiddle with HTML each time I go to update the main page. Usually, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but Peanut makes it difficult for me to really sit and focus on one thing at a time. And if he’s good for a bit, mommy likes to use that time to write! My free time is precious you know? So I’m hoping to hose the entire site on WordPress, that way, when it comes time to give you all the 411, I can just type and click publish. It’d be a dream come true.

I’m also plugging along on my WIPs. It’s a slow, but steady climb to the top of that mountain called ‘the end’. Zerah’s sequel, is more than halfway complete, but around this time last week it started making me a bit psychotic. I was having visions of setting the manuscript on fire. So I thought it might be time to take a step back and let it breathe. I was obsessing over it a bit much. I’m still working on my high fantasy YA. That one has a nice flow but it’s not really plotted out so every new chapter is like a mini mystery. It’s all very thrilling. Though I’m thinking for the sake of my sanity, doing an overall outline might not be such a bad idea. My pantster self will greatly suffer at this ordeal.

I’ve also pulled out the futuristic romance I’ve had on hold and started to reread/redpen it. I was very focused on my fantasies and had no real desire to work on this novel, which is why I put it aside. But now is a good time to pick it up and see where I stand with it. If it’s still in decent shape, I’ll try and finish it up and send it out. It’d be worth it, given all the time I’ve spent on that story.

There are still interesting happenings going on at Hollow Tree! So come check us out. We’ve talked about Banshees and Selkies, about Labyrinth and Ever After, about Poison Study and Fairy Tale. We’re all over the fantasy spectrum. I think you’ll love to see what we have coming up!

And Saturday’s signing was a total blast. Though, I brought my camera I was too distracted to take photos. Duh. I was chowing on cookies and chatting with readers and authors alike. Too bad, I’d have loved some pics. But if I get any through email, I’ll definitely put them up for you all to enjoy!

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