So Much to Say

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a bit of a tough week on this end. Peanut has been teething and I’ve spent some long nights up with him crying and nibbling on frozen teething rings. On top of all that, he got his six month vaccinations yesterday. *_* When he broke out crying my heart broke a little bit. It took all my strength not to bawl with him. Being strong sucks. lol

There have been some good things happening though. I saw a template for my new website layout and its looking spectacular. I’m really thrilled about it. I think you’ll all love it as well.

We’ve also gotten some great discussions going over at Tales from the Hollow Tree! Although I’m dreadful at getting here on a daily basis, I do post at least 2-3 times a week over there, so please come check it out and get in on the fun!

I’m taken an unofficial break from writing for about two weeks, in order to get some more sleep and get my head working properly. I’ve been reading through a printed version of my WIP and it’s not as terrible as I thought during my sleepless manic panic. 😛 So I hope the time off will give me new perspective and help me finally finish this bad boy off. In the meantime I’ve been playing, better yet obsessing over Facebook apps such as Farmville and Sorority Life. I’m such a dork. 😛

OH! And I’m thrilled to say I’ve upgraded to a Tmobile Mytouch 3g! *tech geek!* I’ll have to have a post all about it’s awesomeness.

Going to go read to Peanut. Happy Tuesday all.

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