Back to the Bookstore

Starting Tuesday I have been scheduled to work a few days a week at my old day job, B&N. This both terrifies and thrills me. For one, I haven’t been back to work for about a year and now I’m returning on the busiest shopping week of the season. And I love my coworkers to death but my extent of human interaction has been limited to an infant for quite some time.

So I’m understandably anxious and already missing my Peanut. On the plus side, I’ll have new influences to inspire my muse which has been in a serious writers depression. I’ve been stuck on the same chapter for months, despite rewriting it like four times. I need a boost. A creative rewire. Though I wonder, is working Black Friday the answer? Probably not. But maybe a few days not changing diapers or being flung with baby food will be good for me. 😉

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