The Business Aspect

So it’s January 7th and there is no doubt that the new year is in full swing! I spent New Year’s in Cape Cod where I usually do some of my best writing, but as luck would have it, I left my laptop home and had no access to the internet except through my phone. Major bummer because my husband’s aunt has the most incredible sun room. I call it my writing room. I love sitting there and staring out the window at the pond and just letting my characters live in my head. I’ll jot down whatever runs through my mind, even if its not necessarily part of my planned plot. Every once in a while, I’ll find a real gem there!

Writing Room

Speaking of writing, I’m thrilled to announce that the end of Zerah’s sequel is in sight! So for those of you that have read the book and want to know what’s next… it’s coming! 🙂 I’m about three-five chapters from the end. Then it’s on to Book 3. 😛

But mostly, I’ve been focusing on the business of being a writer lately. I’ve been loyal to my blog posts over at Hollow Tree (and reading lots of great YA fantasy fiction!). I wrote up an interview which will be up on January 12th (I’ll give you the deets as we get closer).

And I’ve been contacting review sites for Zerah’s Chosen. Today, I was thrilled to be the guest author at Literary Escapism, which I’ve mentioned here before. It’s such a great place and it feeds my fantasy hungers with information on new releases, happenings around the web, contests, and cover art. I highly suggest checking out Jackie’s site. You won’t be disappointed.

Ok, going to go relax. Tired from work today.

OH! And go congratulate us over at Tales from the Hollow Tree! We had out 100th post today! 🙂 Sweet.

2 responses to “The Business Aspect

  1. I remember you telling me about your great writing space there — and WOW, is that room beautiful! No wonder you enjoy visiting so much! 🙂

  2. The blog lives! Ha ha. You are my first visitor in a long time, Melissa! 🙂 Welcome, welcome! I do really love it there. His cousin’s wife also breeds horses so you can imagine. It’s awesome.

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