No Doubt About It

I’ve been a terrible blogger. Mostly because life has kept me mondo busy, and really, who am I to give life the lip? No one, that’s who. And I know better than to be a smart aleck with life. That always ends badly.

All in all, I haven’t been just wasting my days away with housework and diapers (though it often feels that way). I have been very productive in terms of writing and work. I took on an at home job involving lots of computer work and I’ve started spending my late nights, the last 2 hours of baby being awake, as time to write, while dada gives him his bath and his snack. It helps me get my wordcount up, despite the slow, sluggish, foggy feeling in my brain.

I did hand in Zerah Book 2, which I’m thrilled is now sitting with my editor. I’ll let you know further on that when I know. I also got a shiny new cover for Surfacing, which can be found to your right, in the book sidebar:  ——->

Other than that, I regret to say things have been pretty average and uneventful. I’m catching up on my TBR pile and finding some interesting gems. It’s always wonderful to find a new author who just takes you away. I still hold to the fact that some of the most wonderful, talented, visionary authors are hidden in the YA genre. It’s awesome.

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