Another Review!

It took a while, but it feels like the reviews for Zerah’s Chosen are finally coming in. It’s so thrilling to know that people are enjoying your characters as much as you do! Check it out!

“I found this book fascinating because it was about an old world that had a lot of history. […] Ms Santiago’s characters are strong, well-defined and determined to do the right thing. They have conflicts, there is jealousy, there is hate, and there is love. […] The ending in this one will leave you yearning for the next book.” – Aloe, 4 Suns, Aurora Reviews

This, along with the fact that I’m coming off of a nasty writing slump has been music to my soul. I’ve been rereading my YA fantasy and falling in love with it, despite my exhaustion (I’m putting my condo on the market and trying to buy a house! Man, is it draining!).

I have been posting regularly over at Hollow Tree. I hope you guys will swing by and see me. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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