Say When

My dear blog,

I miss you so. We used to be close, you and I, as I wrote you letters several times a week about everything and nothing, and finding solace in your blank pages.

I lost my way a bit last year. I started to feel overwhelmed. Blogging became a chore rather than the fun it’d always been before. I was juggling too much. A new baby. A new editing job. Overdue deadlines. New projects. Hopes, dreams, aspirations. Heartaches.

I started to see the great, funny, informative posts of other authors and started thinking, I can’t offer that. I’m not witty (if I try to hard it’s painful). I’m not wise in t he ways of writing or publishing, I’m a relative newbie. And when it comes down to it, all I have to offer is my own perception on life, and love, and family, and friendship and the other essential things that make the days pass.

So, I ran away. But dear blog, you’ve been so good with me. So patient. And you’ve provided a safe haven for so long. I miss you. And I’ve decided that I will no longer ignore you. Granted, I may not post as regularly as I’d like to, but at least, I’m no longer afraid of what I have to say.

I am not a NYT bestseller. I don’t make funny, witty v-logs. I don’t have any uber cool talents, other than my fiendish obsession with karaoke. That’ll have to be enough. It’s my blog and I’ll say whatever I please.



3 responses to “Say When

  1. We should do some sort of challenge…. set a specific goal to blog x times per week or something. I’m really going to try daily for my personal, though that may be a bit insane. I read once, though that you should post something everyday, even if it’s just an inspirational photo or something. Maybe you’re just putting way too much pressure on yourself. Besides, the personal perspective is why people read blogs in the first place. It’s allowed to be about everything and nothing. It’s not like even the brilliant authors that you’re talking about always have fantastic stuff to blog about… they just do it with determination, as I’m starting to see.

    • Did you know there is a NaBloWriMo? Maybe we should celebrate it in January. 30 days of blogging insanity to get us back in the mood. 😉

      Ps. We gotta work on Hollow Tree. Not sure how much customizing we can do… :-/

  2. I did know that… I’ve tried it once, unsuccessfully… We really do need to talk Hollow Tree. Why are you worried about customization? It doesn’t have to be extreme, but I would really like to get that banner up, at the very least. It’s shameful that we have such a gorgeous banner and don’t use it.

    If we DID want serious customization ability… we could move to blogspot. ?

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