An Ode to Netflix*

The husband and I decided to splurge this year and we hit Best Buy on Black Friday to buy a Nintendo Wii. Our son is not even two yet, but its a really family friendly system-plus I’ve already found some Sesame Street (Little Bear’s favorite!) games that teach numbers and the alphabet.

Not to mention my sudden obsession with Michael Jackson: The Experience. All of my dreams of being a fancy worthy of SYTYCD become fulfilled when scoring on this game. I work up a sweat and feel like a rock star. Can’t get any better than that.

But the overall reason I’m completely in love with our new Wii? Netflix streaming. Hubby signed up for Netflix shortly after I had Little Bear. I spent long nights and days filled with crying and naps alongside my laptop streaming episodes of Doctor Who, which all of my friends had already seen. It was an instant lifesaver. It did what good fiction is meant to. It took me away. The writing was brilliant, the acting, more so. I was hooked.

Now, I can watch movies, and even better, full tv series commercial free! Right on my television! How do I get anything done? I don’t know, honestly. Shows currently on the radar: Torchwood season 2 (am I the only one who senses something weird between Jack and Gwen?), Veronica Mars Season 2 (boo, Veronica and Duncan), and Psych which is just great comedy.

I love my black Friday purchase. Totally worth the indulgence. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself. So glad we did.

*am in no way affiliated with Netflix. Just a super happy fan. 😉

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