Regarding Hollow Tree

by roxicons at LiveJournal

I know my little side project, Tales from the Hollow Tree, has been quiet for a while. Lisa and I got really busy with life and it made it nearly impossible to find time for the several day a week schedule we’d originally posted with.

She got engaged, planned a wedding, started a new editing job, and got married. I grew into toddlerhood with my boy, started working from home, and undertook some serious home improvement projects with the goal of selling and moving to a new place.

As you can imagine, this coupled with the smaller every day items of laundry, dishes, dinner, time with family, writing obligations, etc, left us very little time to play. But we were not ready to give up! And instead, after some brainstorming, I’m excited to say that Lisa and I came to a happy medium.

A post went up yesterday detailing Hollow Tree’s new mission statement. A creative oasis. A place to write for the reason we all start writing:  because its fun. Because we love the characters we dream up and the place that they’re from.

So every Friday, Lisa or I will post a piece of flash fiction. Short is the name of the game. And we will be offering it to our blog readers, absolutely free.

Cool, huh? We hope you’ll come check us out and make it a great place to spend a cozy evening.

2 responses to “Regarding Hollow Tree

    • Isn’t it amazing?! I keep looking for the original source photo but can’t find it anywhere! *sigh* I have GOT to find it. At some point it will become Hollow Tree’s emblem. 🙂

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