Excuse Me…

… as I toot my own horn.

I had a pretty long day today. Not going to bore you with the details but it involves losing a prospective apartment, taking little bear to an unpleasant doctor’s appointment, and suffering from a mysterious migraine that progressed into nausea. Just overall crap.

Then, while reading through Wikipedia -I’m not a total nerd, I downloaded a really cool iPad app for it and started browsing and oops- wait, wouldn’t that make an awesome story idea?

Yea it would. Two hours and four pages later, I have a fun little short that I’m totally proud of. And it came pretty much ALL in one piece. That doesn’t happen to me often. And my ability to go on and on is infamous- hence my lack of available short stories. I think writing for Hollow Tree is helping me hone my short story skills. I’m seriously psyched. 🙂


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