Happy Release Day!

It’s that time again! Release Day!

I’m excited to see Playthings of the Gods out in the wild. I’ve always had trouble with short stories. They always tend to swell up and turn into these huge, uncontrollable things they weren’t meant to be. So I was really proud to have something to offer this anthology, something I was proud of, and one of my shortest works to date, minus my flash fiction for Membra Disjecta.

My story is called Awake, She Dreams, and its based on the World of Sleep, run by Hypnos and inhabited by Thanatos, Nyx, Morpheus, etc. There was a bit of gender switching to make the story work, and I included the myth of Selene and Endymion because it’s always been one of my favorites in Greek Mythology.

Now, of course, every release day, I run a contest. This time is no different!

I will offer a free copy of Playthings of the Gods, with fourteen fabulous stories, for your reading pleasure. Here are the rules:

1. Blog, Facebook or Twitter our release! For each promotional hit you make, you get one point. Link me in the comments. +1pts for each

2. Tell me a little something about your favorite myth and why. +2pts

3. Bonus points if you agree to review the book once you receive it. +5pts.

Let the games begin! 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a little snippet.

He came to me on a day like any other. My brothers were causing mischief in the sleepy town below the hill, while I spent my endless hours chanting through empty, cobwebbed corridors and doing pirouettes across the mahogany floors of the abandoned ballroom in the manor, overgrown with moss and vines.

The only people I ever saw were those that came at my Uncle’s command, and they were often too bereaved to sing and dance with me. All they wanted was a drink, and so I dutifully walked them to the flowing river that cut through our grounds and let them gorge themselves with water until their memories washed away with the currents of the smoky Lethe. Then, and only then, would my darling twin brother appear, in all of his somber glory, to walk them back through the land from which they came, back to my Uncle.

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