Making Changes

I’ve done a few website adjustments, including a new layout – which uses a slider (such a huge fan of sliders!) – bottom widgets which help keep things organized, and my new header, promoting my YA Fantasy Guardian Circle series.

How do you like it? It’s taking me a few minutes to adjust to the new look, but I do like how everything has its place. The colors are complimentary and I like the dark/light look.

I also created a new Free Reads page, where I’ve listed all of the freebies I’ve offered over at Hollow Tree since January. Fun times. 🙂

And finally, I updated my Review page, which hadn’t been updated since 2009. *_* Seriously. That’s wayy too long. I scrounged up all the reviews I’d saved in my Google Search and now they’re up for you! Feel free to use them to help decide on what book is best for you. 😀

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