Things I’ve Learned

I had a mini-epiphany just now. Like literally 5 minutes ago. It’s probably one I’ve had before, but on a much smaller level.

It’s about blogging. I know things have been pretty dead here. I won’t even try and make excuses. I’ve just been BUSY times infinity.

Between house hunting, packing, moving, job searches, little brothers going off to the Marines, writing, rewriting, editing, Hollow Tree, and other such time sucking things (like you know, laundry and cooking and dishes), I’ve neglected the thing that brought me so much cathartic joy: blogging. And I didn’t even realized I missed it (honestly, I thought it just took too much time that I didn’t have and it felt like ANOTHER obligation), until I read Cora Zane’s blog post today.

Now, there’s something you should know. I totally cyberstalk, Ms. Zane. Have for years, and she knows it. 😉 But put simply, she’s just awesome. She talks about everything and anything affecting her life at the moment. From music she’s listening to, to writing woes, to her current trend in nailpolish. And heck, I keep coming back because I end up caring about these things as much as she does. Why? Because she’s intriguing. Her raw honesty and down-to-earth voice make me interested in her as a person.

What does this teach me? That I don’t have to write blog posts that will change the world. That will teach writing to literary geniuses. That will cause anyone to laugh or cry. That will win me a Nobel prize.

All I have to do, is be me.

Who knew it was that simple? I sure didn’t. For a LONG time, I thought I had to be X, Y, and Z. But you know what? I’m not. And honestly, how exhausting is it to try and be something you’re not? We all know we’ve done it at SOME point in our lives.

So, here I start anew. My blog, my rules. Yea, I’ll likely be professional and corteous cause that’s just who I am. But I’ll also fangirl and I’ll talk art and music and Etsy (I LOVE ME SOME ETSY), and Tumblr (current obsession #2!), and all sorts of other great things because that’s what I love and that’s what I want to talk about. And some will read it. Some won’t. But really- I’m writing it for me.

So, in conclusion, Happy Belated Anniversary, blog of mine. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this since 2007. Our relationship has lasted longer than some courtships. 🙂 Here is to many more years together.

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