Two More Freebies- All For You

This whole Freebie Friday thing Lisa and I have going on at Hollow Tree is pretty awesome. I get a shiver of excitement everytime it’s my turn. I love the thrill of uncertainty, the rush of working on a new project, the excitement of finishing it! It’s everything being a writer is about– in a small, heady dose. 🙂

Anyway, I have two freebies to share. One is called Lucid, and it’s the product of spending an afternoon reading an online essay on the symbolism found in the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie. *Don’t laugh at me.* Ha ha.

by roxicons at Livejournal

The other is today’s freebie, Gemini’s Treasure, a little something inspired by the constant commercials for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which I WILL be seeing in theaters, thank you very much. #IloveJohnnyDepp

But don’t stop there! If you like what you read, by all means, check out Lisa’s stories. She’s a beautiful writer. Her imagination is interesting and distinct, and her work has a taste of the old classics, probably in part to her Literature degree. 😉

Either way, there’s some great stuff up on the blog and we post faithfully every Friday. Feel free to subscribe and you won’t ever need to remember when we post again. Your email will do the remembering for you! *Love technology*

Happy Friday, all!

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