Home Sweet Home

The funny thing about vacations is that as the last day creeps closer, you start to whine that it’s too soon, that you don’t want to leave. Meanwhile, you come home and wonder how you ever left the comfort and convenience of your home and bed. I do, anyway. 🙂 I came back yesterday after an entire week in the Poconos with my family, wasting days away poolside, playing ping pong, challenging my genius father in law to Scrabble (and losing every time). That was a tough pill to swallow. I’m a writer. Shouldn’t I be good at Scrabble?

The week was also movie heavy, which is kind of nice since I don’t get to do that often. We went and saw Crazy Stupid Love in theaters. It starred Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Kevin Bacon. OMG. See that movie. Seriously. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed, cried, and developed a new appreciation for family, and friendships, and relationships. I’m also more in love with Ryan Gosling than ever. He’s sexy and suave and somehow also completely charming. Him and Emma Stone on screen were magic. She’s creeping up my faves list rather quickly. She’s just so real. I feel like I might have gone to school with someone like her. Brainy and cute and awkward in all the right ways. Go see.


We finally bought Rio for Little Bear. Man, he loves that movie. And I won’t lie… I kinda love it too. I want to buy the soundtrack. I spend hours after it’s done singing the theme song. And LB likes to get down to the Samba beat. Haha. Who knew he was such an impressive dancer?

For rentals, we did The Dilemma and Red Riding Hood. The first movie convinced me that Winona Ryder is inherently evil and that Channing Tatum can play any part you give him, comedy included. He was insane. Haha. The second movie was odd and creepy and actually… Kind of awesome. It was a clever adaptation and while it was more weird than genius, I enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure what to expect from Hardwicke, given the train wreck that was Twilight.

So now I’m back home and doing the dreaded unpacking. But I do have a great little free read up on Hollow Tree called Summer Rain, inspired by the weather we had on the long drive back home and by my listening to Lungs, the Florence + The Machine album on repeat. So go check it out! Make this Monday go down a little easier. 😉

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