Taking The Good With the Bad

by foxglove_icons at LiveJournal

This is one of those posts, as an author, you never really want to write. But unfortunately, there are times when it’s inevitable. This is a tough business and nothing is ever guaranteed. So even as I come bearing some very positive and exciting news, I come bearing some bad as well.

Let’s start with the bad, get it done and over with. I’m sure many of you have noticed the book pages for my Guardian Circle Series (Zerah’s Chosen and Zerah’s Offering) have gone missing. Though I’ve known for a little while, I didn’t want to make an announcement until it was official. Yesterday, my editor and the owner of Drollerie Press, Deena Fisher, announced that she was closing the company for good. This has not been an easy thing to hear for anyone who has ever been involved with Drollerie Press. Their books were just such a special little corner of the writing universe and I feel that the niche it covered will be sadly empty and greatly missed.

How does this affect us? You, as a reader, and me as an author? It means that for the moment, my Guardian Circle Series is not available for purchase. Neither is my short story in the Playthings of the Gods anthology.

Thankfully, Hollow Tree might help me find a home for my short story. My novels… well only time will tell where my babies will end up. But be assured, I do not plan on giving up on them. Whatever comes, I had some great years at Drollerie Press and I met some fantastic people, some insanely talented authors whose work has stayed with me long after I’ve read ‘The End’. I wish them all the best.

While we go into the unknown together (-you are holding my hand, right? because I could really use a hand to hold at the moment-), I will share the good news. You know that saying: when one door closes, another door opens? I think that might just be true. I’d like to introduce one of my secret projects.

Hollow Tree Vol 1

Lisa and I know we have something special going on at Hollow Tree. We’ve loved every chaotic moment, every late night, every hour spent finding inspiration- photos, music- to set to the little moments we capture and share with you every Friday. And so we decided to package them in an easily accessible format to read again and again, without having to scroll through the website!

BONUS: Soon, we will be releasing an ebook of ten collected stories from Tales From the Hollow Tree—eight you’ve read before and two that are all new and will only be available in this book!

Stories of Enchantment and Desolation is just that—a collection of tales where the line between alluring and devastating is blurred or crossed altogether. These books will be published in a beautifully formatted .pdf and will be available through various sources by the end of November for 99¢. We’re so excited!

Til next time guys.


One response to “Taking The Good With the Bad

  1. Hi Isabelle,

    Nice to meet you, and sorry that it’s under these circumstances. I found your blog as I was setting up my Goodreads account and well…your post was the first I’d heard of Drollerie Press closing its doors.The Playthings anthology was my first and only time working with DP (mine is the Spear Among Spindle story) so I don’t know Deena like you probably do and it was a bit of a shock to learn her health got that bad. Obviously I don’t know any specifics, but i’m hoping things will turn around for her.

    Wishing you the best in your writing endeavors,

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