Who’s That Girl?

So lately, I have been this crazy whirlwind. Blink and you might miss me! From the moment I wake up to those final moments before I drift off to sleep I am in constant thought/movement. Some days I stop mid-stride and have to gather my thoughts. Wait a sec, where am I going? What am I doing? Oh, right… Those tiny pauses actually help more than you’d think. They make sense of a world that’s spinning pretty quickly.

All of this has left me physically drained, but emotionally fulfilled. I feel like superwoman! Let me break it down for you.

I went back to work at Barnes and Noble at the start of November. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that working there is and has always been my crack. Everything about the place makes me happy. The smell of books, coffee, chattering excitedly about the new Hunger Games movie. 🙂 It just rocks, plain and simple. I do my bookselling at night.

In the day I am busy mommy/housewife. I try to make sure the house is clean (since I know it’ll be a wreck by the time I get back home from work), the dishes are done, and that the boy has had at least some exercise (usually in the form of a lightsaber battle or two) and some learning. We read together, we watch Caillou on PBS, and we’ll sometimes break up the routine by hitting the park or the shopping center nearby.

While he naps, I’ll usually busy myself with couponing (which thus far has saved my family at least $300), writing, reading, showering, or occasionally… I’ll pass out for a siesta too. 😉 Don’t judge me.

This is on top of socializing with friends on weekends and religious activities and the occasional splurge (karaoke night in NYC at a swanky high heels only club!).

Oh, and did I mention the book I’m releasing with Lisa at Hollow Tree? And the free story I post there every other Friday? (Shameless plug: Check out this past Friday’s story, Primal, a retelling of 12 Dancing Princesses!)

Who’s that girl? Yea, that’s me! *dancing to my theme song*

So if you blink and happen to see a blur sweep by, make sure you wave! I’ll try and return the favor. 😛

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