There’s Beauty in The Breakdown

by roxicons at LiveJournal

You can blame the blog post title on Imogen Heap. It’s a line from her song Let Go, when she was performing as one half of Frou Frou. (Wow, the linkage on this blog post is totally out of control and we’re only two sentences in!)

Anyway, I digress.

I am a huge HUGE Imogen fan, and I’ve always loved this song, but developed an entirely new appreciation for it today having heard it live piano for the first time. I was stalking, ahem, visiting my buddy Lisa Asanuma’s website and there it was on her page. Go check it out. Totally worth watching.

It did something strange to me, though. It took me back about 4 years. Strange how music can do that, right? Puts you into a very distinct state of mind to a certain time and place. This one, in particular, got me thinking about my Guardian Circle series. Much of Book 1 was written to the soundtrack of Speak for Yourself, her 2005 hit album. To this day, certain songs on that album play out scenes between my hero and heroine in my head.

One of my most prevalent goals for 2012 is the rebirth of that series. I’m working very hard to repackage it, pitching it, and working on finishing the final book so that it’s done. Complete.

It’ll be strange to put an end to that chapter of my life, a chapter that has lasted give or take 6 years, that has included writing, rewriting, and even publication of characters who I’ve known from their youth and whose lives I’ve been so intricately involved in.

This is both daunting and exciting. I love the idea of bringing them closure. Of taking their story arcs to its conclusion, but I’m also terrified by the thought of letting them go.

I’m too involved. I’ve fallen too deep. But I can’t help it. If you don’t feel passionately about your characters, how can you expect anyone else to?

So look out, 2012, this is the year my Elemental Guardians see the end.

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