That Little Thing Called Voice

by chiffonwings at LiveJournal

I just wrapped up my Friday Freebie for Hollow Tree tonight (check it out tomorrow- Friday- AM). It poured right out of my fingertips.

*evil glare* I wish my fantasy series came out that easily. Granted, I’m closing out a huge three book arc and setting up a very fragile relationship. These things don’t just happen. They take time. Which is ok by me because I’m discovering some very interesting things in the process (my heroine, way more awesome than I gave her credit for).

But still,  it was nice to have such a distinct voice speak to me tonight. It was like that when I wrote Fairest. Absolutely specific character, specific voice. No pulling of teeth needed. That’s always nice. Makes my job easier. 😉

It’s so much easier to see what they mean by ‘voice’ when that happens. Granted, it has a lot to do with the way YOU tell the story. How no one will ever tell it quite like YOU. But it also has to do with how your characters help you tell a story. If every character you create sounds the same, then it’s a bit of a wash, isn’t it? But when they start to really take life aside from you? That’s always exhilarating (and I still cannot spell that word, thank you spell check!).

Anyway, dropping in to ask whether you’d all be interested in a Facebook page for my Guardian Circle series. A place to discuss characters, events, spoilers, dream casting, and other fun fandom stuff. I LOVE FANDOMS! 🙂 I’d be a total geek about all this, but I promise to behave. Or… to try and behave. Leave comments regarding what you’d like to see, ok? We’ll make this happen.

2 responses to “That Little Thing Called Voice

  1. I had a feeling you’d like that icon… 😉 I’m going to run over and read your short. It looks amazing!

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