A Month Everlasting


by autumnjoy on LiveJournal

February has been a test of patience. While being the shortest month of the year, it has somehow stretched itself to last far longer than my patience will allow.

The mercurial weather meant we each got sick. A few times over. Case in point: yesterday was a beautiful 50+ degrees and sunny, today it snowed. Really? Does that even make sense?

On top of that, February saw me hitting rock bottom in the seasonal blues department. Too many late nights, lack of sleep, lack of real stimulus, and I was down in the dumps with the crawly critters trying to bury myself in darkness until it was officially spring. Or something equally dramatic.

But, as March creeps around the corner, I’m sitting up a little straighter, my head wrapped around the four books I’ve devoured in the last two weeks (having the library at walking distance has made me a reading machine), and ready to tackle whatever comes next. If you want to see what I’m entertaining myself with, feel free to hit me up on GoodReads.

I quite enjoy my ever growing collection of books to read. And I’m excitedly jumping into the Hunger Games series within the next few weeks, just in time for the movie release!

What are you guys reading? Anything good? Drop some recs on me. I want to try my hand at some new things.

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