Exciting Things

So I’m thrilled to share that I got my advance copy of The Guardian’s Mark yesterday and it is every bit as beautiful and amazing as I’d hoped. 🙂 (Refer to picture of me geeking out over its awesomeness).

As I get closer to release I’m making sure everything is where it should be and arranging to do a few promotional things, so stay tuned for whatever events I manage to cook up! Ideally, I’d love to have a book release party online, I’d love for there to be virtual cocktails, .gif balloons, tiny dancing avatars, and maybe a juggler. But you know, I won’t be too picky.

I definitely plan on having a giveaway (because giveaways are awesomesauce) and running a GoodReads contest, so those of you who like to haunt GR will have to come and party with me.

I’ve also been busy working on book 3 of the series, fueled by a sudden fire lit by this beautiful little book in my hands. Ha ha. No greater sense of urgency than holding book 1 and knowing (or rather, panicking about the fact) that I have to finish their story. It’s chugging along, rather steadily, so that makes me a very happy camper.

And as usual, I’ve been busy over at Hollow Tree with free short stories and other such goodies. Last week I posted a poem – just because I could. Oh freedom! 😉

Though, let’s face it, some people should not be that free. I shall leave the poetry to the experts from here on in. They really are far better at it than I will ever be, despite my good intentions. Poetry and novel writing are two very different beasts.

Speaking of Hollow Tree, Lisa and I are in the planning stages for the release of Volume 2! No spoilers to share yet, but will do so as soon as we have something concrete.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in and out of the writer/editor cave. Drop me a line will ya? I can really use the distraction company.

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