Playlists and Freebies

by roxicons on LiveJournal

As we draw closer to my release date for The Guardian’s Mark (Guardian Circle, Book 1), I’ve been putting together the random bits of inspiration I used for so much of the series thus far. I’m hoping to start a Pinterest board with a lot of it, once I get my account set up. Because I really need another social network to tinker with. *_*

I think it’d be fun to do a feature where I present a photo or song that helped shape scenes or relationships or specific character traits. So that you get a neat little window into my creative brain. 🙂 I’ll do one post every week until release! Likely Friday or Saturday, to round out the week. How’s that sound?

Today’s post is a song that captures my hero’s journey so thoroughly it kind of scares me, ha ha. The intensity and rhythm of the song really fit the character too.

Kieran is locked in a battle with Destiny and even though he knows he can’t win, he’s not going down without a fight. Early on in his life he decides what’s important to him and then fights for his right to have it, a tiny slice of happiness in a strictly regulated life, regardless of the consequences.

All I’ve known
All I’ve done
All I’ve found was leading to this
Gonna stay right here til the end of time
Til the earth stops turning
Gonna love you til the seas run dry- Gorecki, Lamb

And as usual, another Friday’s upon us which means freebie over at Tales From the Hollow Tree. 🙂 Today’s was inspired by more music (are we seeing a pattern here, ha ha). I was listening to Somebody That I Used to Know on repeat yesterday and this song kind of sprouted from the idea expressed in the song. We’ve all likely felt that way at some point, and that awful, awkward moment is one that I just had to write about. Check out Just Another Somebody.

Happy Friday!

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