Release Day Countdown

by strange_icons on LiveJournal

Why hello there, April. I didn’t expect you so soon! We have so much to do together in the next 30 (or is it 31) days? So let’s get started.

It is now T-minus 15 days for The Guardian’s Mark‘s release! *insert happy dance here* I’m looking to have an online release party and would love your input on the best place to hold it. I figure our current options are Google + Hangouts or Skype. But of course, I’m open to other suggestions. Maybe even Twitter. We could just do a hashtag to keep ourselves organized. 🙂

I’d also be posting links to Youtube videos so we can immerse ourselves in the playlist, links to pictures of the characters as cast in my mind, and a tentative list of recipes I’ll post on my site a few days before, if either of you are interested in making some funky themed drinks or cakes. Cause I like food and that’s how I roll.

I realize I failed to post my Guardian Circle Series inspiration point this past Friday, due to overall exhaustion. This weekend was ca-ray-zy. But it’s settling and I’m glad to offer this little tidbit.

I wrote more than half of Book 2, before I ever realized there was a Book 1. 

Yup. The characters were being difficult and withholding very significant information. Which made it nearly impossible for me to understand why they reacted so strongly to situations I kept putting them in.

It all became very clear when I finally said, something’s missing, and allowed for the possibility of exploring what I had initially considered was boring backstory.

*_* Boy was I wrong! Ha ha. Boring it was not.

I did an insane index card plot-out (which, as a pantser is pretty much foreign to me), and it all became so clear I was stunned to find my office walls filled with neon yellow, orange, pink, and green cards. I used to have a picture of it, but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. 😦

Anyway, stay tuned for more info, excerpts, sneak peeks, and all that good stuff coming within the next few weeks and weigh-in on the release party!

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