Another Song Off the Playlist

by fleshdance on LiveJournal

As promised, I’m bringing you another goodie as we countdown to the release of The Guardian’s Mark, Book 1 of the Guardian Circle Series (only 7 more days!).

I’ve mentioned before how critical playlists are to my writing. They often help me set the right mood and get me into those dark places I need to go for the black moment and the breaking of people’s hearts. 😉 In fact, most of Cinematic Royalty was written with a playlist which kept me deep in the time period and helped me keep the right tone.

Today’s particular song is instrumental. One reason it worked so perfectly is because it had a rain track toward the middle of the song. Since one of the main characters in the book is a Water Element, and there’s a critical scene that takes place in the rain, this track just seemed to fit what I was trying to convey in words. I particularly love that it has strange electronic/techno type synths over a classical piano, which is both beautiful and haunting. Til this day it makes my heart beat a little faster. I can still hear my characters talking, the full moon hanging above on that dark night, the rain falling on the cobblestones of the Temple courtyard as everything between them changes – forever.


P.S. Don’t forget to stop by Tales From the Hollow Tree and check out my new freebie, Breath of Life. One of my favorites that I’ve done thus far. 🙂

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