That Best of Days

So here it is. After days and weeks of excitedly counting down, spreading the word, excerpting (is that a word?) – the day has finally come. And somehow, though it seemed to be taking forever, it seems to have arrived quite suddenly. Weird how those things work, right?

Well! Let’s get started, shall we? It is a party over here at Chez Santiago.

I’ll be in and out of Facebook all day, so if you want to stop in and ask me questions about the book, the series, writing, or anything really (my favorite episode of Castle, why I love Summer Glau, how I managed to get my 3 yr old to learn all the words to Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding, its all fair game). Hit me up on my Page and let’s chat!

If you’re looking for an excerpt of The Guardian’s Mark,  you can head on over to Tales From the Hollow Tree to read an exclusive! Or if you want a taste of the beginning, download an excerpt from  There will be a Nook version available soon! Look out for the announcement on that, ok?

To celebrate RELEASE DAY (one of the most awesome days in a writer’s life, no matter how many times it happens), I’m sharing my playlist with you! I know I’ve been teasing you with videos of certain key songs, but this is the complete list that I played on repeat, that I added to over the course of about two years to get it exactly right. In the end, I could listen to it with my eyes closed and follow the emotional course of the story, seeing certain scenes play out in vivid detail. It was awesome. 😉

I definitely alternate between instrumental music and lyrical music, depending on the scene, the intensity I’m looking for, etc. It really just depends on the night.

The Guardian’s Mark – Playlist

1. Ascension/Nature Boy – Moulin Rouge 2

2. Dangerous Game – Tristan & Isolde

3. Liz On Top of the World – Pride & Prejudice

4. Anakin’s Dream – Star Wars: Episode III

5. Structure & Discipline – American Beauty (score)

6. All That I’m Living For – Evanescence

7. Dark Blue – No Doubt

8. We Haven’t Turned Around – Gomez

9. Time – Sarah McLachlan

10. Honestly Ok – Dido

11. Away From Me – Evanescence

12. Breathe Me – Sia

13. Breathe No More – Evanescence

14. Eternal – Evanescence

15. Two Loves Be One – Tristan & Isolde

16. Everything – Lifehouse

17. My Oh My – David Gray

18. My Last Breath – Evanescence

19. The Walk – Imogen Heap

20.  Gorecki – Lamb

21. I Dream of You – Tristan & Isolde

23. American Beauty – American Beauty (score)

24. Understanding (Sound Asleep) – Evanescence

24. Taking Over Me – Evanescence

Go forth and let your day be full of music and reading! ❤ Happy Release Day all!

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