Total Creative Frenzy

by maesstria on LiveJournal

Since the release of The Guardian’s Mark, I feel like my writing career has been a whirlwind of activity. Marketing, promotion, reading up trends, review requests, price fluctuations, writing, more writing, and more writing. Because really, at the end of the day, while the business aspect is very time consuming, I’m an author. People expect me to write and to release. And that’s what I’m working very hard to do.

In fact, I’ve done more writing within the last month than in the past six. I’m not really sure where it’s all coming from. It’s often quite literally a sucker punch. I’m up late, in bed, eyes half closed, pen to notebook to furiously get down the thoughts before they fade into my dreams. It feels as though all these pieces I sent into the creative atmosphere are finally returning and making some kind of sense. Which is exciting! And exhausting. Ha ha.

How am I supposed to keep so many story maps straight in my head? How am I not supposed to implode from the sheer euphoria of it all?

Either way, there’s lots happenings, and I’m grateful for it.

At the moment, the thing taking up most of my time is my new secret project. I’m in detailed planning mode. Much of it is plotted out (which is strange for me, since I’m a total pantser), and I have a very clear direction about tone and POV. I’m also scouting cover artists. I think by late summer, this bad boy will be ready.  Let’s aim for August, shall we?

I’ve also been knee deep in editing and cover design for Tales From the Hollow Tree Volume 2! YES! VOLUME 2 IS COMING! Are you as thrilled as I am? Expect a really great collection of stories and a kick-butt theme. I’ve also already started my exclusive for it and I’ll tell you now, it’s a total sci-fi retelling of an old myth. SPOILERS. 😉

I hope you’ll keep checking in as I mark off more items on this ever-growing check-list. It’s going to be a productive summer.

In the meantime, head on over to Hollow Tree for this week’s free read. It’s a Snow White retelling called “Red as Blood“.

Happy Friday!

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