Did You See This?

by mallowz on LiveJournal

So, if you and I are Facebook friends, and you happen to have liked my Facebook page, you’d know a delicious little secret. I posted the cover and blurb to my upcoming release. The secret project I’ve been working on! (Do you see why liking my Facebook page is a good idea? I do not know how to keep a secret there. I highly suggest you go visit me and shoot the breeze so that when I have news, you get it in realtime!)

This series of vignettes actually started as a short for Tales From the Hollow Tree and took on a life of their own. It’s funny when stories do that. Blindside you and force you into servitude. Not that I mind, it just amuses me. I was busy working on something else when this little project slapped my face and said, “Hey, over here! I’ve got something wayyyy more interesting to tell you”. And darnit if it wasn’t telling the truth. 😉

You should know, of all the myths and fairytales and such that I tend to cover and dabble with on Hollow Tree, Alice was never a favorite. It wasn’t a childhood reread or a must attempt classic. I enjoyed it well enough. Felt that a good chunk of it was reminiscent to an acid trip. That said, something about it called to me and I envisioned something that could work within that world, yet be quite different.

All that said, here’s the cover!

With the Great War finally over, a volatile peace has settled over Wonderland. The truce between the Red King and the White Queen has produced two daughters, beacons of hope for the future of their nations. But Lilliabella, next in line for the throne, knows a horrible secret. Her sister has no intention of giving up the crown without a fight and Libi fears for her future if Edana gets her hands on Wonderland’s source of true power: the Jabberwocky. 

With her life at stake and the situation worsening, Libi is faced with a choice: fight or flee. One choice means sending Wonderland into another bloody war. The other means leaving behind the person she loves most and trading a familiar world for one she’s never known.

Look out for it this summer! I’ll have the exact date for you real soon.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for another volume of Hollow Tree stories. Would you believe I’ve written over 25 short stories since the blog’s beginning as a fiction journal? That number seriously boggles the mind. Some have been… eh. But some have surprised even me. And that’s what I live for as a writer. Surprises. Not even I know how somethings are going to end.

Anyway, happy Friday, interwebz! Hope your long weekend is sunny and delicious.

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