So, Guess What?

A few bits of really great news.

1. I’ve lost four pounds so far, in about 2 weeks on the P90x program. Unfortunately, my awful cold/sinus infection trapped me at a standstill and I’m worried it’ll ruin my overall progress. But I’m trying (really hard) to stay positive and I see it as a good sign that I’m EAGER to exercise. That, my friends, is a first. 😉

2. You know that Wonderland story I gave you all a peek into? Well, guess what? It’s available at the earliest tonight, but most certainly by tomorrow! YAY times infinity! I am really psyched about that!! (hence the multiple exclamation points) I love that little story.

One little thing though- it’ll be available to Kindle readers only (at first!), for 90 days. Then I promise, NOOK readers that I’ll drop some love on you guys! Including a nice price cut for your patience. xoxoxo

3. I have another little secret project in store for you guys. And I even have a cover all ready for it. I sure have been a busy little bee, haven’t I? 😉 I’m very excited to share that with you, but that may be a few weeks as I’m trying to make sure I have a good chunk of it done before I share. Still working out some POV kinks. Started one way, realized it was wrong, started it another, liked the voice, but then noticed I was telling the wrong story… soo… now I may have to go back and wrangle with the first POV and make sure I start at the right POINT in the story, which may have been the issue all along. Ahhh, the complexities of multiple people talking in your head. 😉

4. I have the cover to the second book of my Guardian Circle Series all ready to go. *gasp!* Ah yes! Big things! But that will also be its own cover reveal and that won’t be until late August sometime. Just wanted to tease you now and tell you its AWESOME! ;-P But if you want something to hold you over, check out my COMING SOON page to read the blurbs for book 2 & 3!

In the meantime, check back in tomorrow for linkage

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