Now’s The Time

by mallowz at LiveJournal

So, as usual all the exciting stuff happens over on my Author Facebook page. Ha ha. PARTAAAAYYYY. *does cabbage patch*

No, for serious. If you haven’t heard, I’ve decided to release a series of fairytale retellings in honor of my most favorite tales under the publishing umbrella of TWISTED FAIRYTALE PRODUCTIONS. Catchy, eh? The first ‘test’ book was War of Roses, but I now have two other books in queue and a list of ideas to tackle. I am so very excited about this endeavor! It really is a ‘for fun’ project. Something from the heart, to remind me what I love so much about writing. 🙂 I hope you’ll join me on this journey! I expect some great times.

Have you been meaning to get your hands on a copy of War of Roses but were putting off until the right time?

Well, until July 3rd, it is available for absolutely FREE through Kindle.

That’s right. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Big ole goose egg.

So go forth and download and enjoy a refreshing short story with a glass of lemonade near a very powerful air conditioner. 🙂 You’ll thank me later.

Also, if you haven’t been following along on the happenings at Hollow Tree, for shame! I posted this Friday’s freebie and it was based upon an unexpected story for me. It’s called Dust, and it’s worth a view for the image alone (found on Pinterest, LOVE).

Enjoy your weekend!

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