Where is Summer Going?

by mallowz at LiveJournal

So July is almost over and I can’t quite tell you where its gone. I mean, how is it already practically August? I just got in from my annual family vacation to the Poconos. Although we got rain 3.5 days of the 7 we were there, the sunny days were warm and bright and we did lots of eating and lounging poolside. It was a really awesome time. I was exceptionally sad when we had to come back home.

I won’t lie and tell you I did any work while away. I took the time to unwind and reboot. I was feeling mentally exhausted and I didn’t realize it until I got there and didn’t have any actual schedule to follow. The freedom was delightful. 🙂

I wasted days away with jigsaw puzzles and crosswords. I am now addicted to both. I will be making a few trips to the dollar store shortly to stock up on goodies. And no, I am not an 85 year old. Don’t judge me. LoL Ha ha ha

Since I’ve been back I’ve been doing lots of cleaning, laundry, unpacking – all of the bummers of returning from a vacation to real life. I’ve been spending these hours catching up on TV and the interwebz. Mostly, I’ve been obsessing over my new find – (THANK YOU NETFLIX!) – White Collar.

I first met Matt Bomer when I started watching Chuck earlier this summer. Chuck arrives on DVD and so I’ve been much slower in figuring out that storyline, but Bryce Larkin, Bomer’s character, has made appearances and quickly become someone I DON’T like, due to his getting in the way of Chuck himself (played by Levi, my sweetheart). Ha ha. However, as Neal Caffrey, Bomer shines. He’s charming, smart, conflicted, and I just LOVE every second of it. I’ve only seen the first two seasons and I understand season four started last week so I need to find a place playing season 3 so I might catch up. FAST!

On another note, I’m supposed to exercise today. I’m about 32 days into P90x. I’ve lost about 6 lbs on the program so far. I’m seeing a bit of toning in my arms and feeling overall more intense. I am however, also much more tired. I haven’t done my cardio yet today because I really just feel like I need a break. My body is sore, I’m tired, but I have to find time to do it- even if its not full out. If I start to slow down now, I don’t foresee making it to the finish line. Cheer me on, will ya?

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