And We’re Live (For Real This Time)

by iamcaptainbasch on LiveJournal

So, as you may or may not have noticed, yesterday saw the release of THE GUARDIAN’S CHOICE come and go and there was no post, no celebration, no confetti.

It’s not because I forgot. It’s because of Murphy.

Who is Murphy you may ask? He’s this dude who likes to come around and mess with you. He’s the one who, were he in the Hunger Games, would be sure the odds were not in your favor.

He’s a trickster, of the worst kind. Often known to throw things off kilter, to make things that have otherwise been planned and perfected go off with the hitch you were supposed to have avoided.

Yes. THAT Murphy.

He stopped by my house yesterday and threw a wrench in my release day!

That said, I kicked him out and told him that I didn’t cook enough dinner for him to stick around. Today I celebrate the ACTUAL release of the second book of my Guardian Circle series!

*insert wild applause here* 

When Amaya wakes, with only the memory of her world’s apocalyptic destruction, she is surprised to find herself alone in a world deceptively similar to her own. But there’s so much about Zerah that’s changed. The Holy Grounds are gone. The Temple is destroyed. And all that remains of their ancient society is a vast, barren space.

Lost and confused, Amaya is forced underground into the dark heart of the neighboring province, hiding out among the monsters – unnatural products of their Maker. She loses all control of her empathetic power, spiraling toward madness, until Phoenix finds and saves her. Together they work to build the semblance of a normal life, but he wants more than she’s prepared to give, and try as she might to forget, she’s still haunted by memories of a man she was never meant to love.

Torn between her fear and her need to be redeemed, Amaya seeks out the very person she’s been running from. He presents a tempting offer: he will free her of the Mark that enslaves her to the Guardianship, a Mark that carries only ghosts of a past better forgotten, and give her a chance at a new life.

All it will cost is her soul.

Read an excerpt here! Or go grab your copy for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo!

Anyone who is moved to leave a review, please leave me a comment and link so that I can enter you to win some fancy swag! 🙂


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