Happy Release Day!

Talk about fighting the Monday blues. I’ve spent the last three days sick and taking care of sicklings so this spark of awesomeness is a legitimate reason for celebration. Not even this freak snow storm in March can get me down (although I don’t have to like it, *grumpy face*). It’s here! The third and final book in my Guardian Circle series is out! I’m so psyched! This has been a long time coming! *throws confetti*


(Book III, The Guardian Circle)

The Guardian's Fall_200x300Phoenix is tired of being second best, so when his entire reason for living walks away without looking back, he refuses to sit by and let history repeat itself. This time, he’s determined to fight for the woman he loves. But Kieran’s influence is strong and to free Amaya of her obsession, Phoenix is going to need help. Hidden deep in the forests of Miari is the one person who might change Amaya’s mind. Except Hana has no interest in revisiting the past. She’s too busy playing saviour to an undeserving nation. Injured and suddenly at her mercy, Phoenix fights to understand the woman she’s become and to uncover the well-guarded secret that motivates her to suggest the impossible: re-open the Guardian Circle and right the wrongs of their world, leaving it all behind for a chance at a better future. But can they do it before it’s too late? Or will they lose everything – again?


nook_logo_branding smashwords 334347-kobo-logo Amazon-Kindle-Logo   And here’s the book’s playlist, if you’re looking for something a little special to jam to this week:

  • Love is Blindness by Jack White
  • Intro by the xx
  • Waking Dream by Natalie Walker
  • The Curse by Agnes Obel
  • Hero by Regina Spektor
  • Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol
  • Eavesdrop by The Civil Wars
  • Over the Love by Florence & the Machine
  • Breath of Life by Florence & the Machine
  • Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars
  • She is the Sunlight by Trading Yesterday

Enjoy! And Happy Release Day!

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