Flash Fiction Fridays


You all remember my little side project, Tales From the Hollow Tree?

That little blog was my baby. A side project born of so much love and excitement for the genres that have molded me, as a person and as a writer.

I was that kid that spent my summers tackling school readings lists. I remember not being able to stop laughing as I read through Amelia Bedelia, or finding the thrill of mystery and the unexplained in the Goosebumps series. I craved the camaraderie of the girls in the Babysitter’s Club, and I followed the twins from Sweet Valley High all the way through their university years. I will never forget the rush of reading a Lois Duncan novel the very first time. And dissecting Shakespeare’s plays (and his brilliant characterization) in high school.

I’d been reading and consuming like a ravenous beast for years, before I considered putting my own words to paper. My little short stories really took on a life of their own when I started watching the WB series, Roswell.

Fanfiction gets a lot of slack, but it is a fun place full of love for characters and writing and full of endless imagination. I really owe my courage to explore full blown story telling to fanfiction. It gave me a safe space, a playground to let my imagination run wild with what ifs. And quite unexpectedly, it gave me my dear friend, the other half of my creative soul. Lisa and I have been friends for like 15 years. I cannot ever express how fortunate I am to know her, to have met her the way I did through our mutual obsession enthusiasm for those characters.

Which is why Tales From the Hollow Tree was such a natural progression for us, as authors. We love those what ifs. We love building a tiny seed of an idea, letting it spark into a hot fire, even if just to watch it burn out. We indulge in myths and legends and fairy tales. We draw from what they teach us. We marvel at their staying power and how they transform with every generation. And in loving it as fervently as we do, we figured, how best to share that love with you than to give us a space safe to play. Like we’d had growing up.

So yea… long story made short (about time too), Tales From the Hollow Tree is back in business! We will have more flash fiction/short stories posted starting this month! My first will post January 12th! I really hope you’ll check it out! It has always been a passion project and I am thrilled to return to it!


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