Did You See? It’s LIVE!

So, it’s been a few days, but I wanted to let you know here in case you didn’t see it…

My new FREE Flash Fiction for Free Read Friday is up on Tales From the Hollow Tree!

*insert celebratory cabbage patch dance here*

It’s called Sea of Stars and it is a science fiction retelling of an old Greek myth. I’m sure you will be able to guess which one fairly early on, but I’d love to hear what you think of my take on it!

I LOVE mythology and I never fail to gain inspiration from the endless myriads of characters there! Hint: my next story for Hollow Tree (posting the first Friday in February) is also based on a Greek myth. 😉 Cause why not? Want to take a stab at which it might be?

In the meantime, my writing partner, Lisa Asanuma, will have a story posting Friday the 26th of this month! So check that out because she’s pretty amazing.

So if you’ve got a few minutes while drinking your coffee in the morning, or a few minutes as you browse your phone before bed, check us out! Give us a read. Leave a like or a comment and show some love. 😉

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