Experience My Worlds Through Music

The initial inspiration for Cinematic Royalty came in the form of a remodeled hotel. I imagined the great men of the time, strutting their stuff across the highly polished tiled floors. The women, donned in elegant skirt suits and lavish dresses wore gloves, large brimmed hats, and crimson red matte lipstick. And despite all of this playing in technicolor in my mind, I knew when I sat down to write I would need to immerse myself in the era. I rented movies like The Philadelphia Story, which has since become a personal favorite.

I paid close attention to patterns of speech and slang of the day. I focused on how upper class people might speak versus the average joe. And then, to top it off, I created a playlist. It played on repeat for months as I closed my eyes and allowed myself to visualize the smoky clubs, the bartenders, and the narrating hero, telling us a story in that Humphrey Bogart voice. Very Casablanca.

So here’s a little mish-mosh of songs that I used in the production AND editing phase of Cinematic Royalty and Dark Hollywood Nights. Be warned, they’re not all period specific. Some are current remakes that better fit the mood I was looking for.

Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra
You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra
Besame Mucho by Dean Martin
Feeling Good by Michael Buble
Good Morning, Heartache by Billie Holiday
As Time Goes By by Max Steiner
Autumn in New York by Fitzgerald and Armstrong
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong