“With a sub-plot that is both touching and interesting, Cinematic Royalty is a must read…refreshing and spot on…”

A Whole Bottle of Champagne from White Russian
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews
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… … …

Cinematic Royalty is a wonderful tale… I fell in love with this book and highly
recommend it!”

4 Lips from Tara Renee
Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews
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… … …

“Ms. Isabelle Santiago has written a moving chronicle of an actress’s life
and the hidden secrets that haunt those in public life… this story had me crying for both characters and any romance reader would too.
Great Ending!”

4 Cups of Coffee From Kathy
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
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… … …

“If it were available in print, it would have a spot on my bookshelf… I loved the humorous aspects of this story…”

4.5 Ribbons, Lady Bird Robi
Romance Junkies Reviews
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“Star-crossed lovers, raw emotion, and a love that transcends times and space… Surfacing is a story about the love of a lifetime.”

4.5 Books, Vervain
Long and Short Reviews
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… … …

This is a story of a woman who wakes up in her sedate, adult life and realizes she doesn’t even recognize the woman she’s become.  And then, in the ultimate of brave acts, goes in search of what’s been missing in her life.”

Lisa, Writerly Musings of Lisa Asanuma

Read entire review.

(previously ZERAH’S CHOSEN)

“Ms Santiago’s characters are strong, well-defined and determined to do the right thing. Will leave you yearning for the next book.”

4 Suns from Aloe
Reviewer for Aurora Reviews (Long and Short of It)
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… … …

“There are many layers in the short span of this novella that are woven into the storyline and world building expertly.”

4 Stars from Danni
Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews
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… … …

“It is one hell of a tale that Miss Santiago tells with a surprising amount of passion.”

Soleil Noir
Reviewer for Black Sun Reviews
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“The descriptions were gorgeous, I could very easily imagine the world, and the future Red Queen was just as evil as you’d expect her to be.”

4 Stars
Amazon Review

… … …